Please join us for a trip

…to the fascinating world of old picture postcards and discover philatelic treasures again and again. If you collect motives you will swoon over more than 6,000 motive postcards stemming from all collection areas: Mountain Faces, Aviation, WW II, Judaism, Erotic etc. From A to Z you will discover everything, a collector’s heart could wish for. Apart from a fine selection of art postcards, you will always find a wide range of exciting and impressive philatelic materials that have been entrusted to us by private collectors.

Stade Auctions: Bidding via the internet turns auctions into an event

One of our guidelines is to offer our customers the best service possible concerning bidding formalities at our auctions. Bids can be submitted in written form (by letter, fax or email).

It has always been part of our strategy to transform our auctions into an event and to connect bidders of old picture postcards worldwide. Since our international clientele does not always have the possibility to attend the auction personally, they can bid “live” by phone and through the Internet. They always have the feeling they are taking part in our auction business, a service that is very much appreciated by our international clientele.

Please do not hesitate to contact us from Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. We look forward to hearing from you.